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45 Cheap And Beautiful Diy Planters Ideas For Beautiful Garden

Gardens are designed to provide a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. There is something so restful, so soulful and so personal about getting down on one’s knees and working with the earth to produce plants, flowers and trees. Still, avid gardeners will want to consider outdoor garden décor to add panache, polish and even perfection to their own slice of heaven on earth.

The benefits of garden décor are two-fold. On one hand, things like furniture and fixtures added to the outdoor setting enhance the natural beauty of the landscape. On the other hand, these garden decorations also perform practical functions such as providing for a place to sit on away from the heat of the sun.

Tables and Chairs

Garden furniture comes in either metal or wooden components as these are weather-resistant and environment-friendly than plastic tables and chairs. The choices span the range from a single garden bench to a complete patio set, all of which are designed to provide something to sit on, relax and admire one’s handiwork. In fact, many homeowners will throw parties in the garden because of its relaxing atmosphere.

Flags and Banners

Outdoor garden décor can be installed for no other reason than it provides for beauty. This is true for flags and banners that add beautiful colors to the garden and perhaps the rustic sound of cloth lightly flapping in the breeze. These garden décor items can either be purchased ready for installation or made using DIY skills with scraps of cloth and poles.

Plaques and Signs

Signs can make it easier for the gardener to determine what was planted in certain areas of the garden especially if it’s a fruit and vegetable one. Plaques add beauty to the garden mainly through their unique designs such as sunbursts, rustic scenes and vines. Both can also be used for ornamental and practical purposes depending on their designs, construction and placement. Again, purchase and DIY are good avenues for getting these decorations for the garden.

Statues and Fountains

In contrast, an average gardener is well advised to purchase statues and fountains if these are the planned outdoor garden décor. These things require sophisticated techniques to make them beautiful and functional, as is the case with fountains. Choices include animals, flowers and fantastical creatures, big and small, which means that every garden theme will have its match in statues, figurines and fountains. Birdhouses are also great additions to the garden.

Planters and Stands

Planters can add beauty to the garden instead of just being purely functional. Look for pots and containers in clay, wood and plastic with interesting styles, shapes and colors, which can complement the plants cultivated in them. This also goes true for metal stands that can be made in fascinating shapes like a spiral to showcase cascading vines and ferns, thus, making for practical and beautiful outdoor garden décor.

Lights and Sun Catchers

Light and shade must be incorporated into the garden. During the day, sun catchers capture the sunlight and then disperse it into a rainbow of colors such as the case with a multicolored butterfly model. At night, you can add lights in various colors and configurations that will rival the star up above.

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