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42 Comfy And Glamorous Bathroom Decor Ideas

Your bathroom needs to be an inviting place, a place where you can relax and wash away the stress and the problems that mounted during the long working hours. If your bathroom interior is clogged, then you must revive it at once. You should draw your inspiration from the bathroom décor of the five star hotels.

These bathroom decors strike the perfect balance between the modern and the traditional style, and the result is refreshing. If you are longing for decorating your bathroom in such manner, then these tips will be more than helpful to you.

It is all in the mix of colours

The first thing that will ensure an inviting bathroom décor is the proper mixing of the colours. The bathrooms always have one leading colour, however the monotony of that one colour is always broken down with another, supple colour mix.

In order to inject a bursting energy of colours, you need to pick the strongest shade of one colour, and then compare other pastel colours against that shade. The mix that oozes with warmth is the one you should go with. You also should not play safe and make bold mixtures of patterns.

Wallpapers that are girly are the perfect pick for single ladies in their twenties, however if you are trying to upgrade your current bathroom, you need to stick to neutral wallpaper patterns. If you can try to avoid the geometric patterns, as they tend to make the room to look a bit rigid instead of playful.

Exposed shower place

Have you noticed how the five star hotels have an exposed shower place? It is because this makes the room bigger and gives a sense of cleanliness to the entire décor. If you are trying to achieve a sleek look, then you can cover only half of the shower place with mat stained glass. This glass is low maintenance and looks great with glammed up bathroom interior design.

No sink cabinets

The bathroom vanities are highly practical, but they also add to the rigid and clogged bathroom interior, so if you do not have storage needs, skip them. Opt for sinks that have exposed metal legs and instead order a shelf that will go next to the sink in order to keep everything clean and neat.

If you do have the room, install two instead of one sink. That will accentuate the glamorous approach and capture the hotel room vibe. The metal legs of the sinks need to be covered in small towels, and the best move you can make is to purchase towels that match the colours of the interior.

The perfect lighting

You cannot have the perfect hotel bathroom décor without focus a great deal of energy on the lighting. Even though the chandeliers can be pricey, they are the thing that accentuate the entire décor. And the rule here is the bigger the better. However, you should also make sure to have one dimmed light, for those relaxing hours when all you need is a few scented candles and a romantic vibe.

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