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40 Fantastic Bathroom Countertop Ideas Look Elegant

Bathroom Counter top choices are almost infinite it seems. With new materials and technologies your selection has not been made easier. However it has never been a better time for creativity in bathroom design, since for almost any bathroom decorating idea you may have there is certainly a countertop surface material, pattern and color to fit your needs.

One factor that will determine your choice of bathroom and vanity countertop besides appearance and cost will probably be durability and maintenance. Here are some of the more popular bathroom vanity counter top surfaces you’ll encounter:

Laminate Bathroom Countertops

A popular choice for years due to its versatility and affordability. Available in so many colors, patterns and textures that it’s a breeze to coordinate with your other bathroom design elements like wall covering or fixtures. When installed on counters plastic laminate resists moisture superbly and is easy to maintain. Laminate is available in different grades, but basically affordable so don’t buy the cheapest, get your moneys worth.

Ceramic Tile Bathroom Countertops

Impervious to water, durable and easy to clean tile bathroom countertops offer a great opportunity to bring individual style and personality to your bathroom. Available in many colors, shapes and finishes. Even hand painted. Very versatile. Don’t select a fragile tile and you must use a grout sealer in areas exposed to water. Tile comes in two finishes, glazed and unglazed.

Stone and Concrete Bathroom Countertops

Granite, marble, and slate will probably be the most expensive choices for your bathroom countertop. They are have a rich, elegant appearance and are natural stone that is extremely durable. Becoming more popular are two other materials, they are limestone and concrete. Limestone has more of a textured appeal compared to granite and the other stone countertop surfaces. While concrete offers flexibility. It can be shaped, carved, inlaid with objects or colored. Though it offers many new creative possibilities concrete tends to crack easy.

Solid Surface Bathroom Countertops

Man made and very durable this synthetic made of acrylic or polyester is easily maintained. It comes in varied colors and textures, even faux stone. Solid surfacing material is used to fabricate counter tops, shower enclosures and even floors. It is not cheap, as a matter of fact it can cost almost as much as marble or granite. It is impervious to abrasions, water and dents that could occur over time. And it is easy to repair if necessary. Solid surface materials possess a lasting durability requiring minimal maintenance.

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